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Azalea May Services

Helping you become your best version

Through our equine therapy program and partnership with Insight Therapeutic Services LLC, we have recognized multiple gaps and therapeutic needs for the youth in Shelby County, Chilton County, and Jefferson County. We have founded Azalea May Services, a 501(c)3 nonprofit to help fill these gaps by offering group therapy and other therapeutic services for underserved youth populations.



What we offer

Azalea May Services is constantly looking to fill therapeutic gaps.   We help Teens who have aged out of foster care transition to adult hood, create unique equine therapy sessions tailored to the needs of the child, and overall help improve the outlook for youth in Shelby County and surrounding counties who require a different therapeutic approach or require a service that is not offered anywhere else. 

Transitional skills

Group therapy

Equine therapy

Parenting skills


This year we have successfully fundraised for new helmets (4) for our equine therapy program and funds to professionally print two work books, created by our founder to specifically help the parents we serve. 

This year we hope to fundraise for the following:

- Weekly Equine therapy Groups  

- Self Esteem Group 

- Weekly Parenting skills group 

- First Responders Equine Therapy 'Getaway for a day' Group 

- Transitional Needs for teens/young adults aging out of foster care 

- Sustainability/Life Skills Group

How you can help! 

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